• BrittKMoore

Week 1 Start a blog and tell a story!

Before I started at Full Sail University I was just another mom working to provide for my family. I had always wanted to stay home, spend time with my kids, and work with horses.

But then I discovered the love that I had as a girl writing and getting my feelings out on paper could be used as a career path.

Because of that I began searching for a university that would improve my writing and media skills to better my pathway towards success!

Because of my determination and high expectations towards an educational experience that would fit my needs, I researched several universities. Due to that I was able to come in contact with Full Sail and their educational platform was able to highlight exactly what I had been searching for.

Their educational team lit a fire of inspiration I hadn't been able to find in years which led me to finally take the step towards my future and enroll. And ever sense I decided to pursue my passion for creative writing My personal business has grown, I have self published four books, and am truly enjoying everything I am learning!